Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold Munchkin

Scottish Fold Munchkin or a Scottish Kilt is a cross between Scottish Fold Cat and Munchkin Cat. The International Cat Association recognise Scottish Fold Munchkin as an experimental breed. The most distinctive trait of these cute felines are short legs and folded ears. The Scottish Fold Munchkin is the result of natural genetic mutation. The breeder wanted the folded ears of Scottish Fold and the short legs of Munchkin, and thus they cross-bred both cats to find a new breed that is Scottish Fold Munchkin, around, affectionate, and loving cat with folded ears and short legs. The Scottish Fold’s folded ears and Munchkin’s short legs come from genetic deficiencies. For the birth of a healthy Scottish Fold Munchkin, a breeder must pair a folded-eared and straight-eared cat. Moreover, one of the felines should be long-legged, and the other feline should be short-legged. Scottish Fold Munchkin cats have round heads and short snouts. Their eyes are round and big and are broadly spaced, and the colour of their eyes vary. Some Scottish Fold Munchkins have a single-fold ear that is bent forward halfway up the ear. Some might have double-fold or not too tightly folded ears. The ears of the Scottish Fold Munchkin begin to fold at about the age of three weeks. These cats have a medium-sized body and short necks. Their legs are short. Male Scottish Fold Munchkins weigh around 6 to 9 pounds and females around 4 to 8 pounds.  Scottish Fold Munchkins love to spend time with their owners and love playing. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold Cat for Sale

Scottish fold cats are very affectionate and gentle. They have small ears which fold forward or downward, giving them an owl-like appearance. They make a perfect pet because of their unique looks and sweet temperament, and their loyal and attentive character. The ability of Scottish Fold to get along with other cats also make them a perfect choice. A pure-breed Scottish Fold cat can be bought through a breeder or a reputable shop, and you can also adopt them from a rescue organisation. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat Price

Scottish Fold Munchkin cat is a relatively rare breed. The pricing of Scottish Fold kitten is done after around four weeks of their birth as it takes about four weeks to tell if the ears of Scottish Fold Munchkin are going to fold or not. The price range of a Scottish Fold Munchkin kitten can range from $700 to $3500.

Scottish Fold
scottish fold cat

Scottish Fold Kittens for Sale

Not every Scottish Fold kitten has folded ears, and the ones who have folded ears are highly in demand. These kittens are born with straight ears, and the ears of only those kittens who have the gene begin to fold at around 21 days. These kittens are valued on the basis of their type, markings and bloodline. This easy-going, calm breed is moderately active and loves to be around its owners and enjoy their owner’s attention. Scottish Fold kittens are very expensive. The sweet-tempered, affectionate, loyal and devoted Scottish Fold kittens are available for sale at pet shops and breeders.   cocker spaniel puppies birman-cat

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