Parson’s Chameleon


Parson’s Chameleon


  • Calumma parsonii
  • Captive Bred
  • Males and Females Available
  • Approximately 14-15 Inches In Length
  • Masters Of Duisguise, Will Change Color To Blend Into Its Surroundings To Hide From Predators And Surprise Prey
  • Precision Hunters Feeding On Large Calcium Dusted Insects Regularly
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Blue Chameleon.


  • Naturally Occurring Out Of The Island Of Madagascar
  • Categorized As The Largest Chameleon In The World These Can Get Up Into 26 Inch Range As Adults
  • Females Can Lay 30-60 Eggs At A Time
  • Arboreal Masters With Their Fused Feet And Hooked Nails Climbing High In The Canopy

Blue Chameleon are Masters Of Disguise, Will Change Color To Blend Into Its Surroundings To Hide From Predators And Surprise Prey. We produce the best chameleons.

What is so special about chameleons?
Most chameleons have a prehensile tail that they use to wrap around tree branches. Besides changing skin color, chameleons have another feature that no other animals have. Their eyes can move independently of each other, enabling them to look in two different directions at once.
Do chameleons give birth?
Moms give birth

Most types of chameleons reproduce by laying eggs. But Jackson’s chameleons do it very differently. Instead of laying a tough-shelled egg, the female carries her young inside her body. 
What do chameleons eat?
  • Feed your chameleon crickets, or waxworms daily.
  • Dust insects with a calcium supplement twice a week.
  • Veiled Chameleons should also get appropriate greens, such as collards or mustard greens, once daily.
  • Chameleons do not drink from a dish.

Blue chameleon


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