Kahl Blizzard Paradox


Kahl Blizzard Paradox


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Kahl Blizzard Paradox Boa. Boa constrictor is a non venomous snake found in Central and South America. Boas are named after their mode of feeding, constriction.  Most adult Boa constrictors are about 10-16 feet (3-5 m) in total length. Boa constrictors make great pets thanks to their normally calm demeanor, relatively low maintenance and easy care. They are also active, available in a large variety of types, colors and sizes. They are  good pets, as are other reptiles, for people who are allergic to pet dander. We produce the best boas at the best prices and good temperaments.

Kahl Blizzard Paradox.

Boas are very long-lived reptiles. There are documented cases of captive bred boas, living longer than 40 years; The RDR BEA line is the only one so far to make Blizzard Boas.

A good enclosure size for an adult boa constrictor is around 6 to 8 feet long, 2 to 3 feet wide, and 2 to 3 feet tall. The minimum size is around 10 square feet of floor space for a single snake. Hide boxes are essential to make your snake feel secure. Boa constrictors rest in the sun to ease digestion. Boas need a basking spot. Our Boas are kid friendly.


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