Amazon Basin Emerald Boa


Amazon Basin Emerald Boa


This Captive Bred Basin Is Approximately 20 Inches In Length.

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  • Corallus batesii
  • CB (Captive Bred)
  • Approximately 20 Inches In Length
  • Rare Species Of Emerald Tree Boa Known For Having Lots Of Bright White Patterning
  • These Get Much Larger Than Normal Emeralds And They’re Highly Sought Out For
  • Feeding On Live Fuzzy Mice
  • Originating From South America From Southern Parts Of Brazil, Colombia And Venezuela Along The Amazon River
  • With Proper Care These Boas Can Live Up To 20 – 30 Years
  • Full Grown Adults Can Get As Long As 7 – 9 Feet In Length From Head To Tail
  • Highly Desirable Due To Their Large Size For A Tree Boa And Extreme White Patterning
  • This Fantastic Snake Has The Largest Teeth Out Of Any Non-venomous Snake Species, That Is Prefect For Piercing Through Feathers
  • Fun Fact: The only known predator of the Amazon basin emerald is the Guianan crested eagle.
  • The Northern emerald is the smaller of the two species, reaching a length of six feet. The Amazon basin emerald can reach nine feet in length.
  • In emerald tree boas, females are bigger than males. Adults average four pounds while males are normally between two and three pounds.
  • Amazon Basin Emerald Boa CareCaring for an emerald tree boa isn’t easy. The following sections will teach you everything you need to know.

    Enclosure Setup for the Amazon Basin Emerald Boaamazon basin emerald tree boa

    Carefully consider the enclosure needs of emerald tree boas before buying the snake.

    As these snakes are tree-dwelling, it’s important that the enclosure has height to it.

    Though they require height, these snakes may crawl on the ground at night, so you should also consider the width of the enclosure.

  • Ideally, the enclosure should have three solid sides and one side that allows for viewing. Having solid sides will give your snake a sense of security.It’s also important that the enclosure provides ventilation.

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