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     Maine coon, is a big and associative cat that has earned itself a nickname called “Gentle giant”.It is characterised by a starched frill worn around the neck towards its chest, it also has a strong and generous bone structure with a  body shape similar to a rectangle.
It also has a silky undercoat that is satin-like. It is also characterised by a  very bushy tail, also note that its colour differs. This breed is known to be very intelligent and whimsical. It is been said that it possesses a dog-like characteristic.
Furthermore, this breed has some common health issue which frequently attacks the breed like the Feline hypertrophy cardiomyopathy and hip dysplasia but experienced breeders contemporary screening methods to remedy this health issue or subside the manner of occurrence of these problems. This breed needs less grooming as compared to other long hair breeds.
Their coat is subjected to seasonal differences as its fur also gets thicker in the winter and thinner during summer. Moreso, Maine Coon cats are likely to have any colour that other cats may have because of the normality of breeding. Some examples  of colours are; chocolate, lavender, Siamese pointed patterns but the most common colour is a brown tabby
  Maine Coon kitten have different physical ways of adapting to the environment in different seasons and climate (extreme winter). They turn to have sense water-resisting fur which is longer and rough unkempt hair underside and assume a certain extra defence when they find themselves on a wet surface or ice/snow.
They have a rough and long tail which enables them to curl it around their face or shoulders. They also have the ability to curl their tails at their backside to cause them to have stability and firmness when the when sitting down on ice or frozen spot.
Maine Coons and enables them to walk on snow and their feet are often composed of snowshoes. Also, the hairs growing in between their toes help them maintain warmth and further enables their walking on snow as they give the legs a specific structure with less weight.
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What You Need To Know About Maine Coon price

   When purchasing a Maine Coon, be it the parent or kitten, you must take into consideration some things that might have influenced this cat’s price and if your money spent on purchasing it is actually worth it.
First and foremost, the is a certificate which is given by a Vet doctor to ensure that the Maine Coon has been fully vaccinated and that the Maine Coon is actually a Maine Coon not some other breed been fabricated in the name of a Maine Coon.
It is important to note that the price of a Maine Coon or even cat is never fixed or constant because they differ Worldwide but it also has a range which ranges between $400-$1500 also considering the age and if Maine if the Maine Coon tend to have a healthy hair then it should approximately be around $1500 but if it is not as healthy then the price will be at $400-$800.
Health detection can be observed in its urine and health is also another factor that determines the price. Some areas of the world that one like TICA or CFA take proper care of the Maine Coon so, getting one from there is worth your cash. Areas like; Texas, Georgia  amongst other parts of the world sell Maine Coon

What You Need To Know About Black Maine Coon size

 A black Maine Coon is very dark that at night, one could face difficulty in identifying it and only its extreme shiny eyes can help you make out that it is a Maine Coon.
There are over 74 different coloured Maine Coons colours still, black remains a very common or popular colour which can be found. The following paragraphs will further elaborate on the black Maine Coon size, considering its length, height, weight and gender both in inches/lb and CM and KG.
With reference to the gender male, it usually has a length(inches) of 19-40, height (inches)10-16 and weight from 15-25. Maine Coon size still  under inches Lb the female has a length of about 19-40, the height of about 8-14 and finally a weight of 8-12lbs
Meanwhile black Maine Coon size regarding CM and KG, males have a length of 48-101cm, a height of 25-40cm and 6.8-11.3kg while females length ranges from 48-101, height ranges from between 20-35cm and it’s weight ranging from 3.6-5.4kg.
Maine coon

What You Need To Know About Maine Coon Cat for sale

   As an individual who wants to buy a Maine Coon cat for sale first thing you have to do is not to call a pet shop Because no responsible breeder will want to place their kitten for sale.
Rather check  with CFA for some breeders who are registered, checking with some local clubs or national clubs any responsible breeder will come to CFA and also responsible breeders know how to answer your question and will likely show their cat to you but local  breeders stress the car since it has to be shipped
There are also some very relevant questions to ask and they should answer all of your questions. firstly, you have to ask if the cat has been tested genetically for HCM.
Ask if the Maine coon cat for sale can be shown also about the cat’s heritage. Moreso, you have to ask to see the cat’s parents and where they are been kept not living out records on its health as all of these will impress the breeder as every good breeder will desire their pet to end up in a legit and comfortable place.
Remember to choose a breeder whose main interest is the pet, not the profits or the returns because Maine Coons business is not for profit-making most of the times. Lastly, the breeder will want to sell the ones that are of show quality and hold bag the ones which are of pet quality.
Some places where one can buy  Maine Coons are; we have NewsNow, Nearme and also in nation’s like California in cities like San Diego, Oroville, San Ramon, Monterey, Penn Valley, Cameron Park and Hercules. There are  other areas like Virginia and many more  wherein one could get a Maine Coon

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