cocker spaniel puppies

Cocker spaniel

All you need to know about cocker spaniel puppies

 The Cocker spaniel puppies/dogs also called spaniel is a descendant from the spaniel family. The word spaniel means ” Spanish dog” and it is generally believed they originated from Spain. By the 1800s, spaniels were divided into two groups that are; toys which are primarily companions and large hunting dogs.
Hunting dogs were further divided into two; water and land spaniels. The name cocker spaniel was given because of his excellence in the field of hunting woodcocks as they can flush game birds from cover. It is also trained to retrieve. Toys (primarily companion) is a beloved companion and very amenable.
They are beautiful to look at and require intensive labour to groom, “though they remain a capable bird dog at heart”. They are cheerful and this makes them a treat to have in the family. They have a sweet temperament, affectionate, cuddly and love participating in family activities.
They are playful, always alert and active. This is a sensitive dog both mentally and physically. You will always be pleased with them, they are as happy to snuggle with adults as well as a romp in with the kids in the compound. Cocker spaniel is highly trainable.
Cocker spaniel

Cocker spaniel mix

Just like any mixed dog breed, you need to know that this mix could inherit the gene of either parent. This is why it is important that you like both breeds instead of one. You will never really know what your mix will look like until they age, but there is a good chance the coat and colour come from both parent.
Cocker’s can be white or gold with brown spots, so there’s a chance your puppy may look like their Cocker Spaniel parent. Most of these mixes are so popular that they have been around for a very long.  With the second, third and Fourth generation puppies, their breed standard is more stable.
Like with Cockatoo and spanador. The appearance and personality of rarer mixes will vary significantly because these will be first-generation puppies. If you do not like surprises, you might want to stick to the very common mixes.

Cocker spaniel | Cockapoo

The Cockapoo is a mix of Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. The Cockapoo is one of the most popular designer dogs on the earth, and for good reason, this teddy bear mix comes in many different colours and has a wavy coat of medium length.
He’s usually mixed with miniature Poodle but sometimes mixed with a standard poodle or toy. His height and weight can vary greatly depending on the size of his Poodle parent. So be sure to ask the breeder what you should expect upon purchase.
He is a very great option for families. They love young children as well as adults and everyone in between. They are mostly happy and likes to get involved with all the family fun. This breed is energetic and needs a lot of exercises so he will be placed with active families.
Cocker spaniel | spanador
The Spanador is a mix of Cocker Spaniel and the Labrador. He is friendly as well as lots of energy and sense of adventure of both his parents. He will always be up for a game of fetch, judging and loves water.
He is full of intelligence and loyalty,  he is trainable and obedient. Aside from having high exercise needs, he is relatively low in maintenance. He measures inches between 15 to 22 and weighs between 40 to 60 pounds. His body is thick and sporty looking.
His tail is thinner than that of his Labrador parent’s otter tail. His ears are longer with curlier hair, giving him a softer and cuter look. Just beautiful.
Cocker spaniel

cocker Spaniel |Golden Cocker Retriever

The Golden Cocker retriever is a mix of the Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel. He is a beautiful mix with the friendliest and kindest canines soul you will ever meet.
He is also a fantastic balance of energy and fun, so he is very popular with young families everywhere. He fun to be with than his Retriever parent, which is another appealing factor. As long as you spend time with him and exercise him daily for an hour, he will brighten up your days.
He measures inches between 12 to 20 tall and weighs 30 to 65 pounds. His appearance can vary wildly between puppies, even within the same litter. His coat is wavy in texture a and usually, its length will be medium to long.

Cocker spaniel | Cockeranian

The Cockeranian is a  mix of Pomeranian and Cocker Spaniel. The Cockeranian is pinch sized and happens to be one of the smallest mixes, Do not be fooled by his small size because he is a pocket rocket.
He loves games a big deal. He also needs much more exercise than the average toy dog, 45 to 60 minutes every day for his daily walk or game time will be a great deal. His coat is fluffy and soft like his pomeranian parent, with curls of the Cocker parent.
He needs daily grooming on his coat to keep it smooth. The ears can either stand to attention like the Pomeranian’s or droop down like the Cockers. He will weigh between 10 to 20 pounds and measures between 7 to 13 inches.

Cocker Spaniels shed

Shedding is a natural process in which dogs dispose of old or damaged hairs. Spaniels have a double coat which has medium to long silky hairs on top with a soft undercoat beneath looking so beautiful. When it comes to spaniel’s shedding, some will lose more hair than others.
But all Cocker Spaniels shed moderately. In seasons like spring and falls,  Cocker Spaniel shed even more. These beauties require daily brushing to remove excess hair during these periods.

Cocker spaniel life span and price

A cocker spaniel of medium size with an average height of 38-41 cm and an average weight of 13-14.5 kg has an average lifespan of over 10 years and has to go through a minimum exercise of 1 hour per day. Cocker spaniel puppies of  Litter Size 4-7 cost an average of $800 – $1200.
This breed is just the best for every family

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