Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold Munchkin Scottish Fold Munchkin or a Scottish Kilt is a cross between Scottish Fold Cat and Munchkin Cat. The International Cat Association recognise Scottish Fold Munchkin as an experimental breed. The most distinctive trait of these cute felines are short legs and folded ears. The Scottish Fold Munchkin is the result of natural […]

cocker spaniel puppies

Cocker spaniel

All you need to know about cocker spaniel puppies  The Cocker spaniel puppies/dogs also called spaniel is a descendant from the spaniel family. The word spaniel means ” Spanish dog” and it is generally believed they originated from Spain. By the 1800s, spaniels were divided into two groups that are; toys which are primarily companions […]


Main coon

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MAINE COON KITTEN      Maine coon, is a big and associative cat that has earned itself a nickname called “Gentle giant”.It is characterised by a starched frill worn around the neck towards its chest, it also has a strong and generous bone structure with a  body shape similar […]